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What staking options are available in NodeDAO?

You can choose between pooling any amount of ETH together with other stakers in NodeDAO Pool and launching individual validators with blocks of 32 ETH.

Is NodeDAO Safe to use ?

At NodeDAO, we take every necessary precaution, including undergoing code audits, to ensure the safety of our platform. However, we still encourage users to conduct their own due diligence (DYODD) before making any deposits.

How does NodeDAO minimise risk of slashing and penalties?

When taking a look at our deposit and withdrawal formulas, you will notice that slashing and penalties will affect across ALL operator pools. As a result, a minimum deposit requirement of 1.1 ETH or the applicable rate, whichever is higher, when joining as an operator. Upon slashing or penalties faced by an individual operator, the deposit of the responsible operator will be deducted to cover the loss. The penalty will be decided by a round of voting by the DAO. And only upon meeting the required minimum deposit will they be allowed to withdraw rewards.

Why choose NodeDAO?

Maximizing Yield Pool Solution - Built on a secure foundation, our Pool solution charges competitive fees and tokenises deposits and rewards to optimise staking returns for users. If you prioritize yield, liquidity of your stake, and access to profit-maximizing opportunities in DeFi, this Pool is for you.

Established Track Record - With the founding organisations having deep experience in handling various blockchain projects, and with decentralising the Ethereum staking network in mind, NodeDAO has gone above and beyond to stress-test and perfect our system.

NodeDAO Pool

How does NodeDAO Pool work?

NodeDAO operates a network of validators through its Pool offering. For each group of 32 ETH deposit made by users, NodeDAO will establish a new validator and integrate it into the network. The rewards generated from these validators are distributed among the users in proportion to their ETH contribution to the Pool.

What is the minimum stake amount ?

There is no minimum amount required.

How can I track the amount of my staking rewards in NodeDAO Pool?

You may track them from the individual operator's platform.

How can I withdraw my deposit and rewards from NodeDAO Pool?

Pre-Shanghai upgrade, stakers will find nETH liquidity in the open market. The price of the nETH will be determined by the demand of the stakers buying the nETH corresponding to the price and earning ratio in the open market and the operators whom may take advantage of abitrage opportunities to lower their stakes in the liquidity pool.

Post-Shanghai upgrade, NodeDAO users will be able to exchange their nETH tokens for ETH at a rate proportion to the supply of ETH and nETH directly within the platform.

Is NodeDAO non-custodial?

The funds are locked in the Ethereum network, withdrawals are implemented by the liquidstaking contract, governed by the DAO.

By staking with NodeDAO, will I be earning rewards in nETH?

With NodeDAO, staking your ETH will always result in rewards, which will be recorded on the Beacon Chain. Our tokens serve as proof of your ETH deposit and accumulated rewards, allowing you to trade, earn more returns, and even use them as collateral for borrowing.

What happens if I transfer/exchange my nETH token?

When you exchange or transfer your nETH tokens, which represent your rewards in the NodeDAO pool, you are essentially transferring your rewards to someone else. This is not a problem and we encourage it as it allows you to make another ETH deposit and grow your returns through compounding.

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