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The NodeDAO Oracle

"Know the truth and the truth shall set you free." - The Matrix Reloaded

Oracle Quorum

The oracle for NodeDAO involves a group of oracle members are verified and approved by NodeDAO Community. The Oracle members will come together to form a quorum. The purpose of this quorum is to make critical determinations essential for the exchange rate for the nETH and vNFT tokens, they include datas such as the beacon balances, consensus on the list of validators and the merkel tree roots.
The reporting consensus formula used is:
quorumCount=((oracleMemberCount2)/3)+1quorumCount=((oracleMemberCount * 2) /3) + 1

Oracle Node

You can find the open sourced NodeDAO-Oracle repository on Github.
Upon starting, the daemon identifies the epoch to report on and retrieves a list of validator keys to monitor. It then retrieves the validators controlled by the NodeDAO from the beacon state and summarizes their balances. Using this information, it constructs a transaction that includes the epoch ID, beacon balance, beacon validators, and validator ranking root. If the daemon has a private key in its configuration file, it signs the transaction and sends it to the oracle contract.