Onboarding Process for Trusted Operator

To join the trusted operator set in NodeDAO, you must first be a node operator by the NodeDAO’s protocol. The following steps describe the process of becoming a part of the NodeDAO's trusted operator

NodeDAO on Ethereum Onboarding Process for Trusted Operator

NodeDAO onboarding rounds are opened as needed to ensure a proper balance between decentralisation, profitability for node operators, and overall security of NodeDAO's liquid staking solutions. Currently, the NodeDAO on Ethereum operator set is permissioned, meaning that operators are selected by the DAO to run validators, due to the resiliency requirements and increased risk involved in managing large-scale validators.

From this point forward, ETH deposited by users to be staked through NodeDAO will be directed to validators run by these node operators.

  1. To join the trusted operator’s set, node operators need to contact the NodeDAO’s team for this.

  2. Node operators need to verify themselves through a KYC process/ forum post to the NodeDAO’s team to be onboarded in the trusted operator set.

  3. After the addition of the controller-address, Node Operators will be able to interact with all NodeDAO’s contracts made for node operators.

  4. The DAO votes for including the Operator to the list of trusted operators.

  5. After successful voting for inclusion, the Node Operator becomes trusted.

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