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SSV Network

SSV implementation
Current Implementation of NodeDAO SSV Contracts
Above the operator's backend services will:
1) register their validator by calling the registerSSVValidator function from the NodeDAO stakingManager contract
2) this will then trigger the registerValidator function to the NodeDAO's LiquidStakingPool Contract and deposit 32 ETH into the eth2 Deposit Contract AND at the same time also call the register SSVValidator function to the ssvManager contract which that calls the registerValidator(ssvOperators) function from the SSVNetwork's Contract.

StakingManager Contract Highlights:

Validator Quota Setting:
Within the StakingManager contract, NodeDAO reserves the authority to stipulate the SSV validator quota requisite for operator compliance. The utilization of the native validator registration scheme remains on hold until the designated SSV quota has been fully met.
SSV Validator Registration:
Registering an SSV validator is simplified by invoking the registerSSVValidator method within the StakingManager contract. This operation triggers a deposit initiation and seamlessly registers the validator on the SSV network.

SSVManager Contract Highlights:

  • Validator Registration Compliance:
    • Upon executing the registerValidator method, it's imperative that the chosen SSV operator aligns with the allowlist delineated by NodeDAO.
    • Looking ahead, a permissionless mechanism is envisioned. NodeDAO's governance will engage in voting processes to ascertain the activation of a permissionless SSV operator set, contingent on operational assessments.
  • SSV Cluster Management:
    • The SsvManager contract furnishes a distinct SSV cluster contract for each NodeDAO operator, facilitating adept management of the SSV validator cluster.
      • The inaugurated SSV cluster contract assumes the mantle of cluster owner within the validator cluster.
      • SSV tokens are pivotal for the SSV cluster contract’s functionality. Operators are mandated to execute an approve operation within the SsvManager contract, granting authorization for the allocation of SSV tokens from the operator’s SSV cluster contract to the SSV network contract. This authorization is quintessential for validator registration, where the SSV cluster contract orchestrates deposits to the SSV network.
  • Comprehensive Validator Operations:
    • A myriad of operations pertinent to SSV validators is supported within the SsvManager contract, encompassing removeValidator, reactivate, deposit, withdraw, setFeeRecipientAddress, transfer, and approve. This suite of operations augments the flexibility and management prowess of NodeDAO operators in handling SSV validators.
NodeDAO’s meticulous integration of these contract functions with the SSV framework heralds a new epoch of streamlined validator management, ensuring adherence to stipulated quotas while amplifying the reliability and decentralization tenets of the Ethereum validator ecosystem.