designed to serve as a restaking pool on top of the BasePool contract. It facilitates the registration of validators to the beacon chain and manages interactions with restaking pods.

External and Public Functions:

  • registerValidator: Registers validators to the beacon chain by staking and verifying deposit data.

  • _checkFunds: Overrides the base pool's function to handle insufficient funds by triggering reinvestment and claiming delayed withdrawals.

  • addRestakingPod: Allows the DAO to add restaking pods to the pool.

  • claimDelayedWithdrawals: Claims delayed withdrawals from restaking pods.

  • withdrawCredentials: Retrieves withdrawal credentials from restaking pods.

  • getRestakingPods: Retrieves the addresses of restaking pods associated with the pool.

  • getPoolAmount: Retrieves the total balance of the pool, including execution layer rewards.

  • getCLVaultAmount: Retrieves the total amount of consensus layer rewards and pending withdrawals from restaking pods.

  • receive: Handles incoming Ether transactions, directing rewards to the pool and staking other funds.

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