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LiquidStaking with SSV DVT

Explore the fusion of NodeDAO liquidity pledge and Secret Shared Validators (SSV) to bolster the reliability and decentralization of Ethereum validators. Delve into the transition of NodeDAO operator
NodeDAO integrates SSV Network's validator management services. For the initial phase there NodeDAO operates on 2 kinds of validator start up schemes.
Native Scheme:
NodeDAO's Operator are responsible for the validator's startup.
SSV Scheme:
This scheme facilitates the launch of validators, which is pivotal in enhancing validator reliability and advancing the decentralization of Ethereum validators.
SSV Scheme transitions the NodeDAO operator role into a "coordinator".
  • Pre-Distributed Key Generation (DKG) Phase (present implementation):
    • NodeDAO operators managed verifier deposits, key distribution, selection of SSV operators (ssv-op), assumption of SSV token fees, and verifier withdrawals.
  • Post-Distributed Key Generation Phase (DKG) Phase (future implementation):
    • Post DKG scheme availability, NodeDAO takes charge of selecting SSV operators, bearing SSV costs, orchestrating the DKG process instead of the old key distribution approach, managing verifier deposits, and coordinating verifier exits.
Additional Features:
  • NodeDAO will showcase the performance of the ssv operators and highlight the performant clusters.
Each NodeDAO operator has their own liquidity pool. And each NodeDAO Operator can have multiple SSV Operator ID