nETH Token

Enhance your returns through DeFi

Welcome to our NodeDAO Protocol where you can earn rewards by staking your ETH, With as little as 0.000001 ETH, you can deposit and receive nETH liquid staking tokens. Unlike other rebasing tokens, nETH does not rebase, and the number of tokens on your wallet will remain constant.

The value of nETH will appreciate over time as it accrues staking rewards. Our protocol is designed so that the nETH price will always go up in ETH terms, reflecting your staking returns. This makes nETH a valuable asset that can be used directly as collateral in DeFi applications without the need for wrapping.

By staking with us, you can earn rewards while watching your nETH tokens appreciate in value against ETH, as long as our node operators continue to generate staking rewards. Start staking with us today and reap the rewards!

nETH token contract: 0xC6572019548dfeBA782bA5a2093C836626C7789A

In NodeDAO Pool, nETH tokens are granted to stakers as a representation of their staked ETH. As ERC-20 standard tokens, they showcase the growth of one's stake when held and can be exchanged for other tokens or transferred to exit staking or participate in yield-generating DeFi protocols. The separation of deposits and rewards into different tokens allows users to categorize their holdings into different risk levels, prevent impermanent loss when supplying liquidity, and potentially increase their returns.

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