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Why would I use it?

NodeDAO is a platform that makes Proof of Stake on Ethereum 2.0 accessible to individuals, groups, and businesses by removing several barriers to entry. While the Beacon Chain requires a deposit of at least 32 ETH and technical proficiency in running an Ethereum node 24/7.
NodeDAO allows anyone to earn rewards on deposits as small as 1000 wei, handles all interactions with the Beacon Chain, and has a decentralised network of independent Ethereum node operators to keep nodes online and secure.
Additionally, NodeDAO provides users with instant tokenised staking deposits, which can be traded, sold, or held at any time, providing liquidity and eliminating the need to wait for years.
Simply Stake and Mint!
VNFTs are NFTs created by NodeDAO that are mapped 1:1 with Ethereum validators, representing the states of Depositing, Active, Withdrawn, and Exiting.
The NFT will simplify the staking process by allowing stakers to convert 32 ETH to a single NFT, which can be used for transfers and additional services, including NFT marketplaces.
This will provide liquidity options for stakers who wish to exit their position without waiting for withdrawal permission or the un-bonding period.