Filecoin SubDAO

Introducing NodeDAO: A Decentralized Liquidity Provider for Staking Filecoin

NodeDAO is a decentralized organization that provides liquidity solutions for staking, and it was jointly initiated by several large institutions. This initiative is expected to provide a new level of flexibility for Storage Providers, as they will be able to lease out their storage capacity to token holders, who will be able to use it for staking purposes. By creating a decentralized platform that connects token holders and Storage Providers, NodeDAO is helping to create a more robust and efficient staking ecosystem.

The Filecoin SubDAO is composed of well-known service providers and institutions in the Filecoin ecosystem. It will develop a liquidity staking protocol based on FVM. The main actors in the staking protocol are staking users, storage providers (SP), and the staking pool. The main process is that users deposit FIL into the staking pool and receive nFIL. The staking pool lends FIL to SP for staking and mining, and the mining profits will enter the staking pool, increasing the value of nFIL through the rebase token model. Staking on Filecoin is now available on HashKing.

NodeDAO's Filecoin staking provides great liquidity for users, as they can exchange their staked tokens at any time, providing great convenience when they have liquidity needs. The platform is also becoming more decentralized as the DAO organization continues to introduce more storage providers, providing users with more options. The introduction of DAO members also empowers the staking token nFIL.

NodeDAO also provides a decentralized solution for staking on Ethereum. All the key concepts of traditional liquidity staking, including operatorless operation, re-staking, and distributed verifiers, are combined in NodeDAO's protocol, which is designed for the next generation of liquidity staking derivatives.

In summary, NodeDAO's partnership with Filecoin and their SubDAO is an exciting development for the blockchain ecosystem. The liquidity staking protocols for both Filecoin and Ethereum provide users with convenient and safe ways to earn returns. NodeDAO will continue to expand its influence, introduce more members, and empower the platform token with more functionality. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from NodeDAO in the near future.

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