Connecting with Metamask


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Staking Guide

Step 1) Add the FIL chain in the MetaMask wallet

Currently, there are two ways to add the Filecoin Network to MetaMask:

1.1 Here are the steps to manually add the FIL chain to MetaMask:

  • Click on "Extensions" and open the "MetaMask" extension

  • Switch the network in "MetaMask" setting

Click on the current network

click "Add network"

click"add a network manually"

click "save"

Once added successfully, MetaMask will automatically switch to the Filecoin mainnet

1.2 Steps for automatically adding the FIL chain to Metamask through HashKing

  • Click on "Approve" to allow the site to add the network

  • Click on "Switch Network" to connect to Filecoin Mainnet

  • Upon Success, MetaMask will automatically switch to the Filecoin-EVM network

Step 2) Transfer assets to Filecoin-EVM

Currently, there are different prefixes . The addresses used in the Filecoin-EVM ecosystem start with F4 or 0X. You can view the corresponding addresses in "MetaMask" or "Block Explorer"

  • To view Filecoin deposit addresses, copy your MetaMask public address and search the address on an explorer. Here FilFox is shown as an example.

  • Transfer assets to Filecoin-EVM

2.1 Users can transfer Filecoins from other wallets or exchanges to MetaMask wallet address

The ChainUp Custody Wallet solution is available to exchange FIL native network assets to FEVM

In the wallet, there are two types of Filecoin Networks, Filecoin-EVM network (FEVM) and Filecoin Native Network. The assets are not interoperable.

Steps to transfer FIL native network assets to FEVM with ChainUp Custody

  1. Get the payment address of the FIL Native Network

  1. Get the payment address of FEVM

  1. Transfer assets to the FEVM network

Important: Please ensure that the receiving network is Filecoin-EVM.

  1. Start staking

You may now transfer the Filecoin (FEVM) to your MetaMask wallet and start staking with HashKing .

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