Unstake and Exchange FIL

Withdraw / Harvest your income

Click on the 'Harvest' Button to withdraw / "harvest" your FIL tokens

Release the Pledge

Step 1: Under the 'Unstake' tab, enter the amount of nFIL to withdraw and click on the 'Withdraw' button.

Step 2: Exchange nFIL for FIL

There are 2 methods to exchange nFIL for FIL

Method 1: Exchange nFIL for FIL by the Swap Feature

Method 2: Redeem FIL from nFIL from our platform (coming soon)

Upon clicking on the 'Swap' icon you will be redirected to the swap page shown below.

You may select your slippage tolerance and transaction dateline from the gear icon and you may switch swap positions from the arrow icon highlighted in the image.

Finally, you may proceed to exchange and confirm your nFIL for FIL swap.

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