NodeDAO Restaking Pool

Maximize Your DeFi Earnings, Unleash the Power of Your Staked ETH: Introducing rNETH, a new Restaking Token


The world of DeFi is constantly evolving, offering exciting opportunities to maximize returns on your crypto holdings. But what if you could leverage your existing staked assets to unlock even greater potential?

Introducing rNETH, a restaking token built on the NodeDAO protocol. rNETH empowers you to earn additional rewards on your staked ETH while simultaneously contributing to the security of the Ethereum network and beyond.

  • Restaking is a new way proposed by EigenLayer for users have the flexibility to explore available decentralised applications to restake their tokens. . Imagine you locked your money in a bank account to earn interest. Normally, to get even more interest, you'd have to take your money out.

  • It's getting really popular! The total amount of money locked in restaking platforms has exploded, growing from $350 million to $10 billion in just a few months. Restaking lets you keep your money in the account (staked on Ethereum) and still earn more interest (from other projects) through a service like EigenLayer.

  • Platforms like EigenLayer let you restake your ETH. This means you can keep earning rewards from Ethereum while also earning extra rewards from other sources.

The Problem:

Traditional staking locks your ETH away, limiting its utility. While you earn rewards for securing the network, your staked assets remain inactive. This creates a dilemma: earn staking rewards or participate in DeFi opportunities?

Introducing the Restaking Pool

The restaking pool takes your DeFi experience to the next level. By leveraging the power of Eigenlayer, our restaking pool allows you to stake your idle ETH tokens and earn even higher interest rates compared to the base staking pool. Eigenlayer is a cutting-edge technology that enhances scalability and security within the DeFi ecosystem.

How Does it Work?

  1. Stake your ETH on NodeDAO's Restaking Pool : As usual, stake your ETH on the NodeDAO platform and receive rNETH in return.

  2. EigenLayer takes over: Here's the magic! Our dashboard will automatically detects your ETH . When you choose to restake, the smart contract facilitates the process.

  3. Introducing rNETH, your return booster: EigenLayer takes your ETH and uses it to secure other blockchains. In return, you receive a new token called rNETH. This token represents the value of your staked ETH on EigenLayer and unlocks your access to additional rewards. Sit back and relax with EigenLayer. Our smart contracts will restake your ETH and compound your rewards, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Benefits of rNETH

  • Amplified Returns: Earn significantly higher interest rates compared to the standard staking pool.

  • Compounding Power: Grow your rewards exponentially by earning interest on both your initial stake and your restaking pool rewards.

  • Flexibility: Maintain control over your staked ETH. You can easily withdraw your ETH tokens from the restaking pool at any time.

  • Enhanced Security: Leverage the security benefits of Eigenlayer technology.


Don't let your staked ETH sit idle. Embrace the power of rNETH and unlock a world of additional rewards and DeFi possibilities. Join the rNETH revolution today and start maximizing your returns!

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