designed to facilitate the restaking of assets in a blockchain network, particularly in the context of staking and validating transactions.

External and Public Functions:

  • activateRestaking: Activates restaking by withdrawing existing ETH from the pod.

  • withdrawNonBeaconChainETHBalanceWei: Withdraws non-Beacon Chain ETH balance to a specified recipient.

  • recoverTokens: Allows the owner to remove any ERC20 tokens deposited in the pod.

  • verifyBalanceUpdates: Records updates in a validator's balance and verifies against the Beacon Chain.

  • verifyWithdrawalCredentials: Verifies withdrawal credentials and updates staked but not verified ETH.

  • verifyAndProcessWithdrawals: Verifies and processes withdrawals on behalf of validators.

  • claimDelayedWithdrawals: Claims delayed withdrawals.

  • getAllDelayedWithdrawals: Retrieves all delayed withdrawals.

  • getClaimableDelayedWithdrawals: Retrieves claimable delayed withdrawals.

  • withdrawBeforeRestaking: Allows the pod owner to withdraw the balance of the pod before restaking.

  • delegateToEigenLayerOperator: Delegates stake to an operator within the EigenLayer.

  • undelegateEigenLayerOperator: Undelegates stake from the operator.

  • queueWithdrawals: Initiates withdrawals and places shares and strategies in a withdrawal queue.

  • completeQueuedWithdrawals: Completes queued withdrawals.

  • stake: Stakes ETH to the Beacon Chain.

  • setStakedButNotVerifiedEth: Sets staked but not verified ETH amount.

  • withdrawCredentials: Overrides withdrawal credentials.

  • setRestakingPodManager: Sets the restaking pod manager address.

  • receive: Receives funds from EigenLayerDelayedWithdrawalRouter and forwards them to the restaking pool.

  • execute: Executes a transaction.

  • typeId: Returns the contract type ID.

  • version: Returns the contract version.

  • setDao: Sets the DAO address.

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