This BasePool contract defines functionalities for a liquidity staking pool.

External Functions:

stakeETH (payable) : This function allows users to deposit ETH into the pool in exchange for liquidity tokens. The actual conversion and minting happens in the internal _stakeETH function.

receiveRewards (payable): This function is used for compatibility with older versions of the ConsensusVault contract. It simply emits a Received event with the sender address and received amount.

unstakeETH() This function allows users to burn a specific amount of a locked staking token and redeem the equivalent value in ETH.

Arguments: _unstakeAmount (uint256): This is the crucial argument representing the number of tokens the user wants to burn and redeem for ETH. I


This function in the Ethereum smart contract allows users to initiate a withdrawal request for their locked staking tokens. It doesn't immediately redeem ETH, but rather creates a record of the user's intent to withdraw.

Arguments: _unstakeAmount (uint256): This is the main argument, representing the number of lsdETH tokens the user wants to withdraw.

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